Counterparty (XCP) Price Hits $1.04 on Exchanges
PIBBLE One Day Volume Reaches $291,726.00 (PIB)
FREE Coin (FREE) Trading Up 190.1% This Week
Storm 24-Hour Volume Hits $6.78 Million (STORM)
Blocknet (BLOCK) Price Up 2.1% This Week
MesChain Price Hits $0.0000 on Major Exchanges (MES)
Neutrino Dollar Hits One Day Volume of $1.83 Million (USDN)
Unobtanium Achieves Market Capitalization of $12.38 Million (UNO)
AppCoins (APPC) 1-Day Trading Volume Hits $10.62 Million
Enigma 1-Day Volume Tops $2.07 Million (ENG)
Tokenomy (TEN) Price Up 4.5% Over Last Week
Evedo (EVED) Price Reaches $0.0474 on Major Exchanges
Adelphoi (ADL) Hits Market Capitalization of $239,672.16
DAPS Coin (DAPS) Reaches Market Capitalization of $6.56 Million
Happycoin (HPC) Market Capitalization Achieves $296,616.00