Chinese Create 195 Gigapixel Resolution Photo

I tried it! I clicked on the “Try the zoom feature here” and it was phenomenal!

The photo, taken from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai was taken thousands of meters away from ground level.

What seemed like just a black dot kept growing as I zoomed in closer and closer which became a young man walking through what looked like a small park in the heart of downtown Shanghai. And he was talking on a cell phone and his facial expression was serious. And, the photo has a 360 degree panorama too!

This photo was created by a Chinese company called Jingkun Technology, or BigPixel. Aptly named! This photo has such high resolution. It really is incredible to be able to pick up so much at such great a distance and with great clarity. They say it’s 2000 times more precise than using a regular camera.

That’s because the photos resolution is 195 gigapixels. Now that may not sound like anything outstanding to anyone with average knowledge of photography but it is out of this world phenomenal.

Let me try to explain. The greater the resolution of a photo the better the picture. Resolution is determined by the number of pixels in the photo. The more pixels the better — more clarity, sharpness, detail for example.

Most digital cameras or a high end smartphone camera will use a resolution measured in megapixels which is equal to 1 million pixels. The better digital cameras use 12 megapixels or 12 million pixels and produce a photo that will have 12 million pixels. More megapixels give more freedom to improve the photo by zooming in or out without the image softening or blurring or losing details.

This phenomenal photo though has not millions of pixels, but 1000 times that — it has 195 gigapixels or 195 billion pixels. That’s why you can zoom in on a dot in this photo and have it morph into a human being walking through a park talking on a cell phone and even seeing his facial expression! With clarity and detail!

Like I say, it’s incredible and according to Jingkun Technology more than 8 million people have examined this imagery phenomenon.

BigPixel does share that it used image-stitching technology where several images were taken over a few months and then integrated to produce this fantastic photo.

Wikipedia reports that, “only a few cameras exist with the capability of creating a gigapixel image in a single sweep of a scene such as the Pan-STARRS PS1 and the Gigapxl Camera.”

There’s talk on social media of China using this technology for covert surveillance.