Landscape mode videos are now being supported by Instagram

Instagram’s, Instagram TV (IGTV) was launched in June of 2018 to compete with YouTube. It was launched as a standalone app to accommodate portrait or long-form style videos. However, after just under a year, it hasn’t proved to be what IGTV expected mainly because of the vertical mode only status. 

Instagram boasts that it has over one billion users and estimates that at least 4 million use IGTV.  And so, with a sigh of relief from its many video creators and viewers, Instagram has implemented support for landscape videos.

In the beginning, when Instagram instituted IGTV, it made a big deal of supporting only the long-form, vertically, portrait style videos because according to its creators that’s how we hold our smartphones so naturally that’s how we would watch videos. Not.

It is not uncommon for us to turn our smartphones horizontally to watch videos on YouTube that are in the landscape position. Users would rather do this than watch videos that are done in landscape mode scrunched down to fit a vertical or portrait style screen. Both creators and viewers of the videos voiced their dissatisfaction of using the portrait mode for viewing videos on IGTV.

Instagram listened and so now IGTV supports viewing videos in the landscape mode. Instagram commented on its ‘The Instagram Blog,’ that it wants all creators and viewers to make IGTV the choice for great content to be placed there so that no matter how the videos are shot those who create them can feel satisfied to place them on IGTV.

Instagram admitted that it may have made the wrong choice in the beginning to only support vertical videos, but now realizes that moving from vertical to adding landscape mode is really the right direction to be going in – for creators and viewers.

Even though Instagram still holds to the value of the vertical mode videos it also values the strength of the landscape mode especially when it comes to sports and dance which involves higher speed in motion and often has more people per frame that can be included.

With IGTV now supporting landscape videos it will be both beneficial for creators and viewers. For creators it now gives them more options when they shoot videos using IGTV. And for the viewer it means no more squinting of their eyes to see the full video vertically.