You could drink 25 cups of coffee a day and it would still be ok for your heart

According to a new study, drinking 25 cups of coffee will not cause your arteries to stiffen or endanger your heart,

Past studies have said that drinking coffee could cause stiffening of the arteries thus exerting pressure on the heart which would lead to an increase in the possibility of having a stroke or heart attack.

A new study involving 8,000 people from across the UK and funded by the British Heart Foundation revealed that drinking five cups of coffee was no less harmful for the arteries than just drinking one cup. And furthermore, the study found that people who drank 25 cups per day were no more subject to experiencing hardening of the arteries than those who drank just one cup.

This study was presented on June 3, 2019 to the British Cardiovascular Society conference by scientists from the Queen Mary University of London who divided the participants up into three groups. Each group made their own self-reports on their daily coffee intake.

Group one was made up of people who drank less than one cup of coffee a day. Group two drank one to three cups per day and group three drank more than three cups per day. There were some in group three who drank up to 26 cups per day. Anyone who drank more than 25 cups per day were not allowed to participate in the study.

MRI heart scans and infrared pulse wave tests were given to each participant. The researchers made adjustments for age, gender, smoking or alcohol intake, blood pressure, weight, and diet.

According to a CNN interview, the leader of the data analysis at Queen Mary University of London, who is Kenneth Fung, said that the study showed drinking more than three cups of coffee a day had no significant increase on hardening of the arteries as compared to those who only drank one cup of coffee per day.

Fung says that this is good news for coffee lovers who can be rest assured that coffee can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle without worrying about its effect on the arteries.

He said the highest averageintake of coffee in the third group was five cups of coffee per day with only a few who drank about 25 cups. Fung says this study is in no way encouraging anyone to drink 25 cups of coffee per day.

Males who smoked and consumed alcohol regularly were moderate to heavy coffee drinkers, the study showed.