Switzerland, a survey says, is the best country in the world to live and work

A survey done by the Hong kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Expat has listed Switzerland as the best country in the world to live and work. Switzerland beat out Singapore this year which has held the title for the last five years.

The survey by HSBC Expat is a survey done of expatriates or individuals who have moved from their countries of origin to live and work in other countries and overall those who moved to Switzerland gave it high scores. 

According to the survey, Switzerland moved up the ranks from 8th place last year because people who have moved there enjoy it’s high living standards and competitive salaries as well as its economic and political stability during a time of growing global uncertainty. 80% of those who had relocated there are enjoying its economy and 86% responded being happy with its political climate.

Another reason Switzerland rose to the top slate in the survey is because 82% of expatriates say they are enjoying the improved standard of living compared to their home countries.

Almost 71% or seven out of 10 responded that they are also enjoying a higher level of income at around $111,587 which is well over the world average of $75,966.

Clean surroundings was also an important factor with 70% of expatriates giving Switzerland high scores for being cleaner than than their home countries while 42% of them said they were feeling physically healthier since moving there.

Singapore, Canada, Spain, New Zealand were rated in the second through fifth spots respectively.

Singapore was rated by expatriates who have moved there to be best for families. Approximately 62% of those surveyed who had children said the school system there was better and 69% said they appreciated the opportunity for their children to learn new languages.

Canada received its third place ranking because overall it was welcoming to foreigners and 80% those surveyed said they were enjoying a better quality of life there.

As for fourth place ranked Spain, it received an overall high ranking for its quality of living. Most of the expatriates surveyed did not move to Spain to make a career change. But whether it was a career choice or not, 67% surveyed said

they were enjoying an improvement in their work-life balance.

New Zealand, well known for its beautiful scenery and  laid back lifestyle was voted into fifth place in overall points as a long-term destination for many expatriates who are now enjoying a higher quality of life.

Australia, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam received 6th through 10th place rankings respectively in the HSBC Expat’s survey.