Year: 2019

Will Food Labels Connecting Calorie Count to Physical Activity Change Human Eating Habits?

Food labels are important. They tell us not only the nutritional information of the food we eat but also list the ingredients, informing us of potential allergens, sensitivities, or other facts that help us make sound dieting decisions.  A new study, however, advises that adding information about how much exercise

Americans Are Taking Cheap Fish Antibiotics To Circumvent Rising Health Care Costs

There is a drug epidemic sweeping across America but it has nothing to do with heroin or fentanyl or even amphetamines.  Apparently, more and more Americans have been buying fish antibiotics, online, as a means to save money by avoiding doctor visits and paying for traditional [human] pharmaceuticals.   For reference sake,

FDA Warns of Potential Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked with Fresh Thyme Brand Blackberries

The United States Food and Drug Administration is warning of an outbreak of hepatitis that could be linked with fresh blackberries from the Fresh Thyme grocery store chain. In conjunction with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and state and local officials—the FDA is investigating fresh, non-organic blackberries from