Five Benefits Of Being An Early Riser

According to an article in The Guardian, researchers say that rising early makes for a happier and more productive life and women who rise with the sunrise suffer less from breast cancer.

Exeter University of England, Texas University in Austin, TX, University of Bristol of England, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and the University of Education Heidelberg in Germany completed five different studies on the effects of rising early in the morning.  That is, how does getting up with the sunrise affect a person’s happiness, productivity, sleep, personality and, for women, reducing the risk of breast cancer?

Let’s start with happiness.  At the Exeter University, England, a study showed that people who rose at dawn were a lot happier and at a lower risk of depression than people who kept late night hours.  The study was a large-scale genetics research and the study authors concluded that the reason for early risers being happier was possibly due to the fact that they cooperated with their bodies’ natural sleep cycle in order to meet work and school schedules.

What about productivity?  The Texas University study showed that early risers were so much better academically. Each participant was asked if they were either a morning or an evening person.  Study results showed that better grades by early morning risers were at least one point higher than the ‘night owls.’ The researchers concluded that early risers drank less (partying) and made it to classes on time.

In the area of sleepa study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center showed that post-menopausal women who exercised in the early morning reported that they slept better.  Study participants who exercised in the early morning for about 45 minutes 5 days out of the week had 70% better sleep than they did before they engaged in the study.  The study scientist determined that it may be because early morning exercise works with a person’s natural body clock.

As far as personality,a study conducted in Germany of 346 teenagers showed that those teens who rose with the dawn were scoring higher for cooperation and persistence.  A further study done by the University of Education, Heidelberg, of another 1,231 found early risers to be more conscientious and procrastinated less.

And reducing risk of breast cancerin women who are early risers?  Well, researchers at the University of Bristol took 341 samplings of DNA that was responsible for whether a woman was an early riser or a night owl and their results revealed that women who were early risers had reduced risks of developing breast cancer.

So, as the saying goes: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise,” isn’t too far off is it?  Who doesn’t want to be happy, productive, well rested, and having a good personality? Well then, go to bed early and rise with the sun!

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