Put A Freshness Card In Your Fridge To Keep Food From Spoiling Too Fast

Extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and bread up to 50% by placing a napkin-sized laminated card in the center of in a typical sized refrigerator called the Food Freshness Card.

The Food Freshness Card is made by Nature’s Frequencies which is a family owned company based in Boston, Massachusetts.  Placing the Food Freshness Card can keep edibles inside your fridge from spoiling too quickly.

The Food Freshness Card works not only in the fridge but outside too by placing it under a bowl of fruit or in a bread container or anywhere you store food and want to slow down food spoilage. None of the food items need to touch the Food Freshness Card. Food can remain in their original containers or packaging until they are ready to be used or eaten.

According to Nature’s Frequenciesthe Food Freshness Card is guaranteed to last for at least a year.

The 2019 Edison Awards held at the New York Academy of Sciences on April 3rd recognizes and honors the best in innovations and innovators. Thomas Edison himself was once a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, an enduring cultural institution. The highlight of this annual program is the announcement of the Edison Awards’ new product and service innovation winners.

And this year Nature’s Frequenciesreceived an award for their Food Freshness Card and it took top honors in the food technology category.

The Food Freshness Card has been manufactured under three US patents and has been independently tested by Modern Testing Services from Norwood, MA.

There is a time-lapse video at Nature’s Frequencies’ website you can watch which compares the deterioration of fruits and vegetables and other foods as is  and then with the Food Freshness Card. Explanation of how the card works can get pretty technical but putting it simply, the card inhibits mold and bacteria growth thus extending the products shelf life and keeping it fresher.

Though the company mainly markets the Food Freshness Card for industrial use, that is to companies that sell, store or deliver perishable to your local glory store it is available at the Nature’s Frequencies’ website and can be purchased or $74.95.

At the Nature’s Frequencies’ website, it is point out that 1.3 billion tons of food are trashed every year costing the average American family about $2,200 a year.  And in addition, grocery stores throw out around 43 billion pounds of food every year while restaurants throw out around 50 tons.

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