Many US retailers quietly removing Huawei devices from its shelves

Amidst the broiling controversy between Huawei and the Trump administration which has blacklisted Huaweifor continued suspicions of cyberspace espionage and of stealing US companies’ electronic digital property rights and the continuing distrust that the Chinese government’s possible spying on US government and businesses through the use of Huawei’s devices, major US retailers are quietly pulling Huawei electronic devices from their shelves.

So if you want Huawei’s MateBook X Pro and if you can find it you’d better grab on to it now.  Major retailer Best Buy’s online store shows only a pairof Huawei watches but no longer any other electronic devices, but you may be able to find them on NewEgg and amazon for the time being.

The Trump administration has blacklisted Huawei and issued an order to all US companies to end or restrict any dealings with Huawei, which includes suppliers of component parts used in all Huawei’s devices.

Huawei in the meantime has been stockpiling component parts in expectation of such an event of being blacklisted and it is reported that the company has at least a 3 month supply to continue manufacturing its products.

However, not only are US components parts not being sold to Huawei but also licensing of Google and Microsoft services are too.  Huawei will not be able to go forward without Google’s apps although user’s with Huawei’s devices can still use Google’s apps but future updates and security fixes will most likely not be available.

Huawei also uses Microsoft Windows OS and Intel processors, both produced by US companies. To solve this blacklisting by these US companies, Huawei has come up with a plan of its own to produce its own OS system and using its own Kirin processors, however, they just don’t compare in performance to Intel’s high-end CPUs.

And switching to AMD chips (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) which are less expensive than Intel chips isn’t an option as AMD is also a US company based in Santa Clara, California.

Another problem Huawei will have is software compatibility. Current owners of Huawei laptops with Microsoft Windows 10 should’t have to worry as their version is licensed but its the concern that future devices will not have it available due to the ban.

Microsoft and Intel are remaining silent on future issues with Huawei.

Although Huawei is developing its own OS it will have problems in the future with being compatible to apps that have been developed to being used by Google, Microsoft and Intel.

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