Month: August 2019

Nabriva Therapeutics Gets FDA Approval for New Bacterial Pneumonia Drug

Drug-resistant bacteria is quickly becoming the scourge of this generation, an unfortunate development that could become quite a dangerous epidemic.  As such, medical scientists continue to work on new treatments that will be effective as this problem grows.  Fortunately, it appears we are already making some headway in this field.  At the

Disney Shares Dip on Earnings Miss Ahead of Streaming Launch

In a surprising announcement, Disney reported third-quarter results fell short of expectations, mostly on the outcome of rising costs for the entertainment conglomerate.  It seems these mounting costs are likely related to the company’s new streaming platform, Disney+, which is slated for launch at some point this year.  Specifically, Disney shares

Red Wine Compound (but not the Wine Itself) Could Help Your Depression or Anxiety

The debate over the health benefits of red wine continue this week as a new study suggests that the active compound found in red wine could actually be quite effective at relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  According to researchers out of the University at Buffalo—in collaboration with Chinese researchers

Compass Raises $370 Million in Funding, Valuation Now $6.4 Billion

The high-tech real estate brokerage firm Compass has acquired even more cash, which will definitely help the innovative company to continue building out its technological platform and grow its engineering hubs on both US seaboards.  Early this week, to close out the month of July, Compass announced yet another impressive round