Apple Watches use Titanium in its new Apple Watch 5 series

Apple announced recently it is using Titanium, a premium precious metal material, in its new Apple Watch 5 series and it is welcome news for Apple Watch fans. The offering of the premium case option in titanium is a step in the right direction according to Gear Patrol.

This is not the first time Apple watch has used a precious metal in its Apple Watch wearables. It did so in its first series, integrating gold into it purely as a PR strategy. Later models offered scratch resistance by using ceramic over stainless steel and aluminum, although it is not the best considering its costliness and tendency to brittleness.

But the precious metal, titanium, is unlike any other premium material. It has a history in watchmaking that goes back to 1970 when Citizen first made a watch using it. Since then several other watchmaking companies have used it. The reason? Titanium is scratch-resistant, lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and durable. It is a material that you would want in a wearable item that would be with you everywhere and anywhere you go. However, titanium is still the most expensive to machine produce over aluminum or stainless steel and has usually, in recent times, been used mostly in diving or tool watches.

But, for all the positive reasons, titanium is the best non-aluminum material choice for the wearable Apple Watch and makes the most sense particularly when you consider the smart watch’s general price range. Even though it may be a pricey luxury material, it certainly will be more attractive than the original solid gold Apple Watch Edition price range.

Although the benefits to using titanium in making the new Apple Watch 5 series

is absolutely great and welcome news for Apple Watch fans, it is still pricey and  makes it difficult to recommend on functionality alone. 

In titanium, the new Apple Watch 5 series edition begins at $799 which is $400 above the regular base Apple Watch. Which means you could ruin your Apple Watch 5 series edition and then turn around and purchase a base Apple Watch 5 and it would still be cheaper than the $1,299 baseline price for an Apple Watch in ceramic.

Apple Watch fans are hoping that Apple’s huge production scale as well as its influence will help lower the cost of the usage of this excellent premium material for the future.

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