Apple will be coming out with a totally new AirPods 3 design

According to leaks Apple will be coming out with a totally new design for its AirPods earbuds.

Earlier this year Apple came out with an updated version of its AirPods with the new H1 chip as well as a new case that recharges wirelessly. But rumors have it that the company will be releasing a more substantial upgrade to its earbuds prior to the end of the year just in time for holiday shopping.

Reports of this forthcoming update refer to it as the ‘AirPods 3’ and this new version of the wireless headphones are expected to have an overall brand new design as well as having some improved features which will involve both audio quality and health. It’s reported that it will have a totally overhauled design and an icon was discovered on the inside of the first iOS 13.2 beta to support that idea.

The earbud will have an eggshell look with a small stem protruding out of the ear.

Past AirPods including the current versions have been ridiculed for its iconic design. This time around, Apple is using the design of the EarPods that are shipped with iPhones as an inspiration for the new AirPods 3 which you will have no problem recognizing while out and about compared to other company’s wireless earbud headphones.

AirPods 3 will have a less conspicuous stem protruding out the ear, but the earbud themselves will be slightly larger. A good feature is that they appear to have silicone tips that should help isolate sound so much better. Because of the over all design, color and material choices, you will still be able to tell they are AirPods. This is based on renderings that have been leaked earlier on the parts of the AirPod 3.

BGR’s, Chris Smith, says that even though the rendering of the new AirPod 3 design that was leaked may be off and may not be what consumers will be actually getting, the discovery of the icon in Apple’s iOS 13.2 code is proof that Apple is definitely working on a new AirPods design for the future.

Expectations are for Apple to hold its fall press conference this month in October, at which time it is expected that the unveiling of the new version of AirPod (the AirPod 3) as well as the next generation of iPad Pros, the new Mac Pro and the new 16-inch MackBook Pro will take place.

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