Author: Hayden Herald

National Beverage Corporation Shares Plummet on New LaCroix BPA Lawsuit

Sparkling water company LaCroix is facing another lawsuit over allegations that parent company National Beverage Corporation has misrepresented that cans of the fizzy drink is completely free of Bisphenol A. You might know this toxic chemical more commonly as BPA.  Filed on Thursday in Passaic Superior Court the suit alleges that

Many US retailers quietly removing Huawei devices from its shelves

Amidst the broiling controversy between Huawei and the Trump administration which has blacklisted Huaweifor continued suspicions of cyberspace espionage and of stealing US companies’ electronic digital property rights and the continuing distrust that the Chinese government’s possible spying on US government and businesses through the use of Huawei’s devices, major US retailers

SoftBank Group’s Vision Fund Will Invest Roughly $800 Million in UK Finance Group Greensill Capital

SoftBank Group Corporation’s Vision Fund could soon announce a deal with UK-based financing group Greensill Capital, as early as Monday this week.  We know that the SoftBank Vision Fund wants to invest $800 million in Greensill, which will channel out supply chain funding to the companies it supports.  In all, this investment

Apple Is Definitely Getting Into The Electric Car Market With Its Latest Hire

For a long while now there has been a lot talk about Apple’s involvement in the electric vehicle market as to its development of the self-driving systems for electric vehicles(EV) but now it appears that Apple will be developing a complete electric autonomous vehicle.   Apple’s hiring of Michael Schwekutsch, former VP