Eli Lilly Ends Lartruvo Promotions After Trial Fails; Sales Follow Suit

On Friday, Eli Lilly and Co said that its new cancer treatment did not improve patient survival in a long-term confirmatory study. While the medication, Lartruvo, did win conditional approval, the drugmaker will no longer prescribe the product. Indeed, no new patients will start this drug regimen as Lilly is suspending any

New Brain Research Describes Surprising Role the Cerebellum Plays in Reward Processing and Social Behaviors

Researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have proven that the cerebellum region of the human brain helps to regulate the brain’s reward circuitry.  The cerebellum has always been understood as the movement center of the brain, coordinating and facilitating motor skills so this finding is very new and, more

CDC Report Warns of Dramatic Rise in Drug Overdose Death Among Women

Drug overdose deaths are on the rise in the United States, which may not be too surprising when you consider the prevalence of prescription painkillers over the past several years.  Indeed, opioid narcotics like hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and oxycodone (often under the brand names Vicodin, Dilaudid, and Percocet, respectively) are more common

Archaeological Discovery of Rare Blue Pigment in Medieval Skeleton Suggests New Anthropological Data

Scientists who were recently studying the teeth of medieval skeletons had hoped to learn a little more about the diets of the Middle Ages. Through examination of the teeth and jaw of one woman, however, they found something quite revealing, but it has nothing to do with diet.   These scientists found

20 Percent of Adults Claim Food Allergies But Only 10 Percent Have Actually Have Them

If you look at any restaurant menu, these days, you might find a lot of small abbreviations indicating food allergy warnings or dietary restrictions.  While health regulation several years ago started to require calorie content on menus (or, at least, on hand) in restaurants all over the United States, dietary notifications

Agricultural Scientists Engineer Crops to Bypass Photosynthetic Glitch For Higher Yield

Genetic modification has gotten a lot of flak over the past few years, mostly out of concern over the danger that this will actually reduce their nutritional value (and, perhaps, monopolize agriculture). But genetic modification can have some benefits.  Indeed, one intention is to try and make them impervious to extreme